Steampunk Devices and Contraptions

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there are many different types of pipes and gauges on this structure that is rusted
an old fashioned steam engine sitting on display in a room with black and white tiles
Steampunk restaurant... awesome! | Motor Junkies | Before It's News
an old steam engine sitting inside of a building
CRR 1 Clinchfield Railroad Steam 4-6-0 at Baltimore, Maryland by Jeff Terry
RailPictures.Net Photo: CRR 1 Clinchfield Railroad Steam 4-6-0 at Baltimore, Maryland by Jeff Terry
an image of a steampunky machine with wheels and gears on the table
Steampunk of the Cogs
Steampunk of the Cogs on Behance
an image of a clock made out of metal and steel pipes with fire coming from it
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the door is open and there are pipes coming out of it in an old building
The Nazi Bunker Sitting Under a Paris Train Station
The Nazi Train Station Bunker, Paris, France - Is it a shame the SNCF has to keep this secret time capsule under lock and key– or does the challenge of finding a way in make it more more exciting? Diane isn’t giving out any maps so it’s up to you to embark on this subterranean adventure on your own, under the Gare de l’Est, right in the heart of Paris. Sounds more enticing than climbing up the Eiffel Tower with thousands of tourists…