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To perceive is to comprehend or grasp something through the senses such as sight or sound--achieve understanding. Perception is immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation of aesthetic qualities--insight, intuition, discernment. Good descriptive terms of the two words could include awareness, comprehension, recognition, realization, sensibility, understanding, insight, discernment, concept, notion, theory, impression, interpretation, distinguish, discover, fathom, imagine, envision

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Artist Hiraku Cho paints the outside of fruits and veggies to disguise them as a different piece of produce -- what is this doing here? Just an example of what a clever artist can pass off on people. Conceptual Photography, Art Photography, Artistic Photography, Creative Photography, Couple Photography, Mago Tattoo, Wow Art, Art Graphique, Creative Photos

Artist Hiraku Cho paints the outside of fruits and veggies to disguise them as a different piece of produce

collages by California based artist Eugenia Loli Photomontage, Art Du Collage, Face Collage, Music Collage, Eugenia Loli, Plakat Design, Foto Art, Arte Pop, Art Plastique

dear 2014… (The Jealous Curator)

Dear 2014, If I could make out with you, I totally would. You were really, really good. In fact, you were very close to the most exciting year of my entire life, second only to the year that my son wa

expressive self portrait. How do you show the "inner me? maybe a self portrait like this for my final project in drawing Amazing Drawings, Cool Drawings, Figure Drawings, Amazing Artwork, Amazing Photos, Pretty Drawings Of Girls, Drawings Of Girls Faces, Hipster Drawings, Beautiful Drawings What if that's really possible! - This is a sketch drawn very creatively - it shows a girl who is drawing herself.... nice illusion art

chalk art Street Art Illusions Mind Blowing Sidewalk Chalk Edgar Mueller 33 Ideas For 2019 - + ART + 3d Street Art, 3d Street Painting, Amazing Street Art, Street Art Graffiti, Amazing Art, Edgar Mueller, Chalk Artist, 3d Chalk Art, Illusion Kunst

76 Unbelievable Street And Wall Art Illusions

Public graffiti and destructive doodling is one of the most costly art forms. Some people apparently think it is creative, and I can agree with that to one extent. However, there is a difference between art graffiti or these art illusions and just tagging away with an alco-pen leaving messages like 'I Was Here' written in some elaborate spiral designed way. I have touched on this subject before here on Bit Rebels, and there isn't much more to say about it other than it is destructive and…

Street Art or called optical illusion art. Original Art by Marko Vukota STREET ART Some people are just way too good! Street Art How t. 3d Street Art, Amazing Street Art, Street Art Graffiti, Street Artists, Amazing Art, Amazing Photos, Beautiful Pictures, Illusion Kunst, Illusion Art

Do look down! Dramatic 3D image of Kate and Will's wedding sketched on a Sydney street

British street artist Joe Hill has been allowed to work on a large area close to the city's Harbour Bridge dedicated to our most iconic items, events and places.

Unbelievable Optical Illusion Or Hidden Images art Work by Octavio Ocampo Optical Illusion Paintings, Amazing Optical Illusions, Optical Illusions Pictures, Illusion Pictures, Illusion Kunst, Illusion Art, Funny Illusions, Double Picture, Hidden Images

Emmelie de Forest - What are you waiting for ( Only Teardrops 2013 )

From her album Only Teardrops. Emmelie de Forest.

Creative UK-based digital artist Dan Lester Draws Himself into the Frame--combined photography and illustration. Pencil Drawings, Art Drawings, Drawing Portraits, Realistic Drawings, Portrait Art, Andermatt, Montage Photo, Art Graphique, Art Plastique

Creative Illustrator Draws Himself into the Frame

UK-based digital artist Dan Lester combines photography and illustration into clever and intriguing images that really make you question what you're

 Octavio Ocampo, spécialiste des illusions d’optique Scary Optical Illusions, Art Optical, Face Illusions, Illusion Kunst, Illusion Art, Illusion Drawings, 3d Foto, Foto Art, Illusion Paintings

Amazing Art Illusions

best forwards from around the world; Quotations, humor, funny, hilarious, educational;