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wide bottom screen
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Concealed Hinge Open 180 degrees
Concealed Hinge Open 180 degrees
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Vinge, Orsjo
The walls of a simple Manhattan apartment fill up with the wisdom of classic writers when a client, inspired by his love of Venice, gives a young designer free rein
Here a ultra low credenza 'Paola' designed by Oswald Vermaercke for V-form. This Belgium production is created first in 1959 and was named to our Belgium queen who married at the time with Albert our King. Remarks of Danish influence is remarkable in the Paola line. The design is minimalist and simple in line. The structure is Functional and decorative. This Ultra low credenza has all the looks it need.
Replica Lustre 14 Bulb Agnes Chandeliers Designed exclusively for Roll & Hill, Agnes is a design that features a modular anodized aluminium structure which can be assembled in configurations starting from a small, 6-light chandelier to a 20-light chandelier or even larger sizes. “Agnes, in its ideal state, would be a very large fixture.
Inspired by shimmering branches of sea kelp, the Sorenthia Chandelier Double is comprised of a combination of custom cast, machined, and spun metal pieces - eac