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a yellow house with black wrought iron railings and potted plants on the front porch
These lights were 33 inches tall and look perfect on the yellow house.
the different colors of paint that are available in this color scheme for interior and exterior
Benjamin Moore Hepplewhite Ivory (HC-36) Color Review
a house with yellow flowers in the front yard and green grass on the side walk
18 Pastel Home Exterior Ideas That'll Make Your Heart Sing
Brighten up your curb appeal with soft pastel painted exterior details. Pale shades of pink, blue, yellow and green bring a relaxed, whimsical feel to front doors, shutters, trim work and garden accents.
the front entrance to a house with two chairs
8 Dark Color Palette Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior | brick&batten
a black house with plants and steps leading to it
90+ Elegant Black Home Exterior Ideas
Black home exterior ideas offer a bold aesthetic, ranging from sleek all-black exteriors to striking combinations with white or wood accents.
a patio area with couches, tables and potted plants
90+ Elegant Black Home Exterior Ideas
40+ Elegant Black Home Exterior Ideas
a black house with white chairs and plants in front of the entrance to the house
40+ Elegant Black Home Exterior Ideas
Black home exterior ideas embody a contemporary and daring look, featuring a range of options from monochromatic black facades to striking contrasts with white or natural wood elements. These designs exude a sophisticated and edgy appeal, making a strong statement in residential architecture.
before and after pictures of a house in the same color scheme as shown on this page
The brick&batten Team’s Favorite Exterior Designs of 2022