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Roxana Martinescu

Roxana Martinescu
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Does everyone lie anymore????

- i believe you - i know you trust me - i won't hurt you - i'll always be there for you - i'll be by your side funny how no one tells the truth, seems like everyone is fake, really can't trust no one now

Healed Inverse vertical albert piercing by Courtney Jane maxwells of Saint Sabrina's. Jewelry by Anatometal.

This gal is wearing a beautifully healed inverse vertical labret piercing I did for her earlier this year. She took fabulous care of it and it shows!

Dermal neck piercing

My healed diamond top dermal piercing - picture taken 2 years ago :) ///// thinking i would incorporate dermals in the key on the back of my neck.

cute nose piercings cute double piercing stud hoop

You can try either having 2 or 3 piercings on the same side of the nose or even go a step further with a double piercing, one on each side.