*JUST A PHOTO* Time capsule for when he turns 18. Love this.

Make a time capsule with guests writing a note to the birthday child e. predictions, hopes and wishes. Bind them together and put them in with their other baby keepsakes to give on their birthday. cute shower activity for family and close friends to do

<3 this!!!! GReat Idea to do with pictures!! I am soo doing it for the kids!!! <3

Strawberry Shortcake Inspired Party

Do this but Boy Theme/Colors Display for first year of monthly photos-hopefully I'll do better this time around with my boy.

Cute idea for 1st bday party...everyone writes a note to her and she can't open the box until her 18th bday...although Im a little late with makenzie but i think i could something like this every year for both their birthdays

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Bee Party Theme Free Printables- Great for Beehive bash while the rest of the girls are at Youth Conference

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