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black and gold place setting with white plates
Blogger's a black tie affair...
the feathers of a peacock are multicolored
gold. aqua. green. seafoam. turquoise. cerulean. midnight blue. cobalt blue. sky blue. Thought : Well, well - isn't this the beginning of a wonderful friendship? I can't imagine a lovelier cool colour palette. With deep indigo depth and accents of aqua and yellow - there is lots of body, but some much room for fun energy. I love this for a 30th birthday. - Ashvina Naidu, Glowdown
a table with candles and flowers in vases on it at a party or wedding
Lampshade Event Decor - Atlanta and Destination - ellyB Events Wedding & Party Planners
Modern White and Teal Tablescape with Lampshade Decor Lampshade Event Decor | ellyB events
an old blue sports car is parked in the middle of a desert area with no one around it
Dark Blue Car #SNHUBlue #SNHU
gold seed beads on emroidery thread? i think so. Beaded Jewellery, Bracelets, Jewellery Making, Beaded Necklace, Beaded Jewelry, Jewelry Necklaces, Necklace, Gold Beads, Jewelry Crafts
remain simple
gold seed beads on emroidery thread? i think so.
the water is blue and green with white clouds
aqua blue water ocean inspiration
a blue tie dyed background with vertical blinds in the center and horizontal shades at the bottom
Cerulean Blue Gradation
Cerulean Blue Gradation by azpatch, via Flickr
two small red flowers sitting on top of ice
Photo by mariechmura • PicMonkey: Design That Works
cerulean blue crystals
the inside of an ice cave with water flowing down it's sides and rocks on the ground
Ice Cave
Ice cave - Iceland
the night sky is filled with stars and bright colors as it shines brightly in the distance
cerulean + red clay
two blue doors are open in an old building
Yemen doors
Royal Blue Yemen Doors
Royal blue dress / Miu Miu Dresses, Clothes, Casual, Lady, Royal Blue Dress, Royal Blue, Blue Dresses, Dress, Royal
Ecstasy Models
Royal blue dress / Miu Miu