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a cat tree in the middle of a staircase
a cat sitting on top of a white book shelf filled with black and grey shelves
Meow Mansion | Cat Tree Ideas Diy
📌Easy DIY Cat House to Make Your Cat Happy-Clever Idea!
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How to make a cat bed with an old hanger😻
How to Make a PVC Cat Scratching Post
a white cat tree with blue polka dots on the top and two shelves below it
two cats playing with each other on top of shelves
the cat tree is made out of cardboard
25 Most Pinned Cat Tree Ideas Diy Ideas You'll Be Impressed By
a black and white cat laying on top of a cabinet
Build a unique and inexpensive cat tree using old drawers - DIY projects for everyone!
the cat tree is made out of wicker
Cat walk baskets
a cat house made out of pallets and wooden boards with a scratching post attached to the top