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For kids that aren't paying attention.

Engaged Students Pay Attention: 27 Things to Do with Students who are not Paying Attention by: Mia MacMeekin

A great list of educational websites.

The ultimate list of educational websites. Helpful go-to for educational sites

A Long But Useful Website List You Need For Surfing On The Internet.

This is a pretty long list but you will find useful websites/ pin now read later

Computer Shotcuts

MS WORD shortcut Keys To print out and tape to the bottom of your keyboard or the side of your desk

Row row row your boat gently the fuck away from me, merrily merrily merrily merrily down the stream you be

Stay away from "still" people. Still broke, still complaining, still hating, and still nowhere.

Stay away from "still" people. Still broke, still complaining, still hating, and still nowhere. That whole group, stuck on complaining

Do Not Allow Negative | Live Life Quotes, Love Life Quotes, Live Life Happy | Bloglovin'

I was quiet, but I was not blind. – Jane Austen The post I Was Quiet appeared first on Live Life Happy.

I don't care if someone likes attention occasionally. It becomes an issue when their life's happiness stems only from the approval of others. One must be content with themselves, first & foremost. Then, small doses of outside validation are healthy bc they do not define how you see yourself. If you survive/thrive based off the approval of others, then it is not only unhealthy for yourself, but also for those who are trying to love you because no amount of love they give you will ever be…

I don't care if someone likes attention, I can't tolerate people who NEED it, who CRAVE it. I cannot be friends with someone whose only validation in life comes from the attention and approval of others. It's toxic to be around

If you have been treated bad, i highly recommend to 'just' let go completely. Every emotion/ thought is a connection and effects you in one way or another!

It may take only one profound event to cause this.should you give an INTJ reason to pull away, you'll discover you've been completely eliminated from their're not hated, you simply no longer exist.

YES! I'm not a fan of going to parties to be honest.

To an extravert, this sounds antisocial, cranky. To an introvert, this sounds sensible.