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How to create the perfect no-bake power bar.

Discover the only book you need to eat better, live healthier, and fight back against the effects of aging. You’ll learn about the 9 foods proven to ease joint pain; fat burning foods that flatten you (Paleo Oatmeal Oil)

Coconut & Spirulina Balls Recipe by Chef Pete Evans is one of the Food Matters favorites! Packed full of healthy fats, fibre and protein!

Finally- a way to get spirulina in without it coming right back up from whence it entered.

Spinach Kale Yogurt Dip - a healthy snack recipe for any occasion. Homemade whole grain crackers make a perfect crunchy pairing for this warm vegetable dip! |

Spinach kale yogurt dip recipe is a healthy snack for any occasion. Homemade whole grain crackers are a perfect crunchy pairing for the warm vegetable dip!

Eat Your Colors: ROYGBIV Should Apply To Your Diet, Too

You don’t dress in one color. Your apartment isn’t one shade of beige. Why should your diet be any different? To be your healthiest, think back to grammar school art class and good ol’ ROYGBIV: red,