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Amazing Long Hair with Bangs picture3

Long hair can be incredibly beautiful, but if you want to rock your long hair, get some straight-cut or side swept bangs. Here are style ideas for long hair with bangs to inspire you!

Milky Way and silhouette of alone man. Night landscape by den-belitsky. Milky Way. Beautiful night sky with stars and silhouette of a standing alone man on the mountain. Blue milky way with.

"If only I could just plop down and sleep for 24 hours. >3<" | chibird on Tumblr

chibird:If only I could just plop down and sleep for 24 hours. Sorry for being absent for so long! >n< I will hopefully be back to drawing soon!

... just a word thrown around so lightly... Love, when real, occupies nearly every thought, every dream... every decision somehow includes the one you love. If you can live without their presence or forget them? It was only a crush. Who am I to write about Love anyway, except to say it has burned me... and I would likely do it all over again for the right man?

I have always been in love with you and no matter what I can't stop. I am in love with you no matter the time,distance,or what's going on around us. I am and forever will be in love with you.