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“Is this okay?” That's a common question from people new to the Code Red Lifestyle™, and it's often accompanied by an image of packaged food item. When you join a 10 Pound Takedown, or one of my Coaches' groups, you get access to the foods to eat/foods to avoid list, that lists categories of foods you … What Do I Eat? April 25, 2020 Read More »

Wrap Up Your Whispering Eyes.. by AndreasAvester on DeviantArt

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Today it's about him ❤- Azi e despre el ❤  Today it's about him ❤   -#nicewordsforhusbandloveyou #nicewordsforhusbandrelationships #nicewordsforhusbandsweets

Today it's about him ❤ – Nice Words Beautiful

Today it's about him ❤- Azi e despre el ❤ Today it's about him ❤ -#nicewordsforhusbandloveyou #nicewordsforhusbandrelationships #nicewordsforhusbandsweets

Felicitare - Birthday Dad

Un mesaj amuzant dedicat tatalui tau, creat pentru a fi daruit de ziua lui de nastere. "La multzi ani, tata! Din partea celei mai mari realizari ale tale" e o urare complet lipsita de modestie, dar tatal tau va aprecia adevarul acestor cuvinte. :) Felicitarea este goala pe interior, ca sa ii poti adauga si un mesaj personal.