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Mi-e dor de tine !

Mi-e dor de tine !

Why do people have to die?  To make life important. My favorite quote <3…

Six Feet Under is my favourite show EVER, aside from Dexter. The whole theme of the show just rings so true, honest & gritty and I relate so much, having dealt with a great deal of loss early in my life.

It's not that simple. I can't forget and forgive like nothing happened... I just can't.  Sometimes you have to let something go not because you don't want it anymore but because it's not good for you anymore. It's unhealthy for both of us. I gotta let you and all the possibilities go... I must.

The idea of forbidden love is found between Nicholas and Etta. They come from families who are at war, as well as from different time periods. In Nicholas' time a man and a woman of different races was also looked down on.

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