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[Open for more] • • • Jace you are not invited! • • @matthewdaddario @harryshumjr @domsherwood [Image from Tumblr] • • ily: i love you. ilysm: i love you so much . ikyfwifa: i know you feel what i feel alec . wtgcdpma: when things get crazy don't push me away . idchmpybw, idchmpyhbw: i don't care how many people you'vebeen with, i don't care how many people you haven't been with . iamt: i am malec trash
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15 Dark Fantasy Writing Prompts to Help Spark Your Imagination — Dark Fantasy Novels | Free Flying Press
writing prompt
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How to Develop the Voice of Your Characters: 12 Questions — The Writing Kylie
How to Develop the Voice of Your Character: 12 Questions
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i just really want to have this on my account somewhere
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April 2015 – Page 4 – PROMPTUARIUM
Dialogue prompt
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Don’t push the button.
"So, what happens if I press this button?" I asked. "Nothing," she replied. I pushed the button, grinning. "It's when you let go that things get nasty."
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This sounds like something Poppy would tell Jason and all her other cousins to do if anything happened to her...
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X. It’s what’s happening
The man spoke of the girl softly, his eyes dark as he refused to meet the younger gentleman sitting across from him. Intrigued, the other leaned forward, eyes glistening as he motioned for the elder to continue on,"Just what makes her so dangerous?" The older man lifted his gaze, jolting suddenly against the chains. The crazed look in his eyes burned strongly as he leaned forward, a cruel smirk spreading against his lips. "What makes her so dangerous you ask...?" ((Credit: @INSANITYISTAKEN ))
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Probably Jake to some random other young soldier. The thing is, he literally would.. enemy never knew what hit him. Just BAM wolf
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Writer of the Prompts
And then they said…Have a character say this and build on from there. Where the conversation and the story goes is up to you!
the words i'm going into the woods to scream for a while, anybody wanna come with?
"Sure." Jamie said, jumping up from the couch to stand next to me. "Jack?" I asked over my shoulder. "Nah, I'll give you two some 'alone time'." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. I shot him a dirty look while Jamie blushed by the door. "Come on." I said flatly as I pulled open the door and started down the driveway.
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Jayson says; his voice firm and hands twitching. The man in the suit squirms; hating the fact that Jayson is right. "She is still in no condition to be released." He answers, hands folded in front of him, and his grey head lifted. Anger boils within Jayson. He runs a hand through his hair in frustration, then takes a few steps away from the man. Looking back to the security screen that shows Esme alone in her cell. Injured from her heroics, and restrained becuase of their fear of her. (Jay)
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Move on.
"I was going to say 'half-way decent', but hey, if you think you're beautiful-" "Oh shut up," she hissed.