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this reminds me of your guy character (his tattoo) in BID. Sorry I can't remember his name, it's been a long time since I read it. I'll have to refresh my brain when it starts back up :)

"The Splendor of External Worship" by the Right Rev. Msgr. John P. Chidwick "God wills to be worshiped with all that is beautiful, rich, reverent and inspiring in nature as well as in humanity.”--Right Rev. Msgr. John P. Chidwick

High altar, Regensburg's Alte Kapelle (Basilica of Our Lady of the Old Chapel) in Bavaria, Germany.

Zippori National Park, Israel

The workshop The Makings of a Successful Museum Digital Project, offered as a part of Digital Expo will provide framework and tools for initiating a digital project in cultural heritage organ…