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Ro Select is a platform that gathers young & fresh romanian designers. Our online shop provides a selection of garments, laboriously executed, by niche designers Anca Belbe, Ancuta Sarca, Drac de Mare, Imaculatura, To each his own paradise and Warp Hood. We have also developed our Vintage Line that includes unique garments from California and Romania. Shop now @!
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Apron dress by To each his own Paradise


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Bubblegums Bag by Warp Hood

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All Black Blouse by To each his own paradise

All Black Blouse

Tiger Overall by Diana Bobina

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Gems Bomber by Warp Hood

Warp Hood Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook - Fucking Young!

La Soeur Vert by Imaculatura

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Crystal Ice Bomber by Warp Hood

Crystal Ice Bomber

WARP HOOD 2014- 2015 A/W Collection by Anca Stirbacu, via Behance

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Marble Fantasy Sweater by Warp Hood

Marble Fantasy Sweater

Unisex Marble Objects Bomber by Warp Hood

Unisex Marble Objects Bomber