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a drawing of a person sitting in front of a clock
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi Artwork by Lakandiwa
a drawing of a woman with many circles in her body and hands on the ground
The Gifts of Psi by Lakandiwa on DeviantArt
The Gifts of Psi by on @deviantART
an elephant rug on the ground in front of some grass with elephants painted on it
Jaipur Handloom Elephant Mandala Round Beach Towel Throw Roundie Mandala Tapestry Yoga Mat Table Cloth Hippy Hippie Boho Gypsy Beach Towel Wall Hanging
Elephant Mandala Round Mandala Beach Towel Throw Roundie ...
a white and black circular design on the ground
sue jacobs czt BWcircles | sue jacobs czt BWcircles
an art project with colored pencils and markers on the paper that has been drawn
Mandala Life ART by Rafi Baba
By @marx3la Mandala, doodles
a drawing of a heart with flowers and swirls on it, surrounded by markers
pinterest : Kate McCann More
a screen shot of an instagram page with the caption that reads, i'm prettyy net bethie lauren wilson on instagram images may be subject to copyright
Various Unalome Spiritual Symbols. In Buddhism they are the visual image of reaching enlightenment. The path starts at the center of the spiral, the other spirals represent the struggles in life one has, while the straight line at the top means that they have finally found harmony.
the process of painting an intricate design on paper
Intricate Mandalas Gilded with Gold by Artist Asmahan A. Mosleh — Colossal
Intricate Mandalas Gilded with Gold Leaf by Artist Asmahan A. Mosleh
some pens are sitting on top of a notebook with an intricate design in the middle
a drawing of a circle with an initial letter in the middle, surrounded by smaller circles
Most Popular Image of 2014. Artwork by @glennlthomson | AWAK3N x Glenn Thomson Collection Coming Jan '15 #sacredgeometry #awak3n #mandala
a drawing on paper with circles in the middle and an intricate design at the bottom
Celiline.Art | Just finished that one I started week ago ! #sacredgeometry
an open notebook with two drawings on it
SACRED GEOMETRY & FIBONACCI If I someday get a tattoo...
an artistic drawing on paper with pens and markers next to it, which includes geometric shapes
Sacred geometry Más