Kids Traditional Blouses

The traditional blouse is a 100% made out of natural materials that will give the childs body room to breath and move freely. Lovely to wear, the traditional blouse looks adorable on the little ones when paired with a innocent smile!
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Lovely traditional romanian blouse for kids<3 #romanianlabel #traditionalblouse #romanianblouse
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Traditional Romanian Blouse for Kids<3 #romanianlabel #photovisionsibiu
$48 The vintage traditional blouse is embellished with multicolored beads that create floral and geometrical motifs. 30 years old, the traditional blouse for kids is a unique garment full of beauty and value
$48 A unique vintage traditional blouse will make your child stand out and feel special. The 30 years old traditional blouse is an one of a kind garment that can't be remade
$54 Adorably little, the traditional dress is a 100% handmade out of natural materials. If you were looking for a healthy way to dress your child, this is the way to go