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AMAZING end-cut floors by @Fiona Richards
Covered Patios--Roofline Details The execution of a covered patio’s roof can do much to enhance its level of intimacy. Here, regular placement of beams -- their ends gently carved -- offer a soothing visual ceiling to the rustic-leaning spot. If your covered patio is on the same plane as another paved space or the landscape, use oversize planters -- here, hammered copper -- to create a transition from one zone to the next.
This efficient and low-cost craftsman style house plan boasts a grand kitchen, large windows, and a rear porch that is perfect for entertaining.
Would love one of these over my front door, but don't know anyone who can provide.
Oh, my...... Going to do this for my next client. Wrought Iron Gazebo over Back Porch by Potter Art Metal Studios
how to add curb appeal with a portico side door
Кирпичный фасад оранжевого цвета в английском стиле
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