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Adductor Pollicis | The Trigger Point & Referred Pain Guide

Referred pain pattern (dark red) and location of trigger points (Xs) for two thumb muscles (medium red), right hand.

Rucola chef Joe Pasqualetto shows us how to make pasta alla norma, a classic Sicilian dish.

Pasta Alla Norma by Rucola Chef Joe Pasqualetto , tastingtable: the classic Sicilian recipe for pasta in tomato-eggplant sauce, spiked liberally with garlic and fresh basil and topped with a dusting of hard, salty cheese.

Chicken Roasted on Bread with Caperberries and Charred Lemons

Chicken Roasted on Bread with Caperberries and Charred Lemons: As these chicken legs roast, the torn pieces of bread underneath them absorb the rich and tangy juices and become deliciously crisp and chewy.