Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire

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How currency debasement, soaring costs, and overtaxing helped lead to the collapse of Ancient Rome's economy and empire.

The Empress Theodora (500 – 28 June 548) wife of Justinian I, San Vitale, Ravenna. Theodora wasn't born in purple but Justinian married the woman he loved, she got to be Empress after a life as a prostitute but her low past made her a fighter for women's rights and a good ruler.

The Empress Theodora, San Vitale, Ravenna. Amazing mosaics in Ravenna ITALY

Thracian Silver and gold calf head rhyton from Poroina, Romania, with images of seated woman using the exact vessel. late 4th C. BCE.

Thracian Silver Rhyton, Poroina, Romania, ca. End of Century BCE.

One incredible luck for dacian archaeology: in 1965, in Philippi (Greece) was discovered a tombstone of a roman officer. It turned out to be the leader of the unit that was tasked by the emperor Trajan to track down Decebalus, the last of the dacian kings! You can see that, even if he had a long military career (revealed by the inscription), his most important achievement was that from the Dacian Wars, sculpted on the upper part of the stone, a carving similar to that frim the Trajan's…

Tombstone of the Roman officer Tiberius Claudius Maximus who defeated Decebalus the last Dacian king. The stele was found at Philippi, in Greece where the officer ended his life

German soldier with a cat on his head while wearing a nightshirt, a helmet, boot, armed with a bayonet, and standing in front of a latrine.

TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee"): WWI German soldier wearing his night shirt, armed with a bayonet, standing in front of a latrine with. a cat on his head. Well all righty then. kitten soldier ww ii ww i

Emperors of Ancient Rome

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Don Corleone answered his daughter question about mafia tradition. Mafia start from Sisilia has a long history.begin from Roman empire, it's intrigued, politics, slavery, and glory

Thracian treasure - OMDA - © Nikolay Genov Bulgaria

Modern Goddess - Protome of Pegasus from a high-homed rhyton Gold. Accidental finding, the village of Vazovo (District of Razgrad

silver rhyton Poroina Romania 500-300 BC riton argint getic mitologie geto-dacica si traca

silver rhyton 500-300 BC romania getae dacian and thracians motifs argint geto-dacilor

silver rhyton BC romania getae dacian and thracians motifs argint geto-dacilor

Hartă_România_interbelică(1).jpg (1280×958)

Hartă_România_interbelică(1).jpg (1280×958)

Seara zilei de 23 August 1944: Proclamația către Țară a Majestății Sale Regelui Mihai I  The evening of August 23rd, 1944: the Proclamation of HM King Michael I of Romania, addressed to his country

Imagini pentru schioapa de veta lui ciufu croitoreasa in tv

The Nicholas II Romanov Family: Tsar Nicholas II (Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov) Russia & wife Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna Hesse & children Olga Tatiana Maria Anastasia & Tsarevich Alexei

ceaslov-iasi-1750.jpg (1638×2393)

ceaslov-iasi-1750.jpg (1638×2393)

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Image result for implicarea regelui in unirea romaniei catalog