Regele Ferdinand ; Carol I si Carol II - 10 mai 1881

King Carol I of Romania with his nephew the future King Ferdinand and grand-nephew Prince Carol (Carol II).

ROMANIAN  Queen Elena (born Princess HELEN of Greece and Denmark, Consort of King Carol II & King Mihai's mother) - perhaps how *not* to wear a tiara, although fashionable in the 1920s when this was taken.

ROMANIAN Queen Elena (born Princess HELEN of Greece and Denmark, Consort of King Carol II & King Mihai mother) - the tiara is fashionable in the when this was taken.

King Carol I of Romania

King Carol I of Romania

Carol II (15 October 1893 – 4 April 1953) reigned as King of Romania from 8 June 1930 until 6 September 1940. Eldest son of Ferdinand, King of Romania, and his wife, Queen Marie, a daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, the second eldest son of Queen Victoria. He was the first of the Romanian royal family who was baptized in the Orthodox rite.

Probably no other King of Romania is as controversial as Carol II with enemies of the Crown being most repelled by his effort at personal ru.

Princess Marie of Edinburgh, futura Queen Maria of Romania no dia do seu casamento em 10 de janeiro de 1893. Ela era conhecida por "Missy".

Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania & Princess Marie of Edinburgh, Princess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain + Ireland, Princess of Saxe-Coburg + Gotha, Duchess of Saxony

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Romania (1900-1961)

Princess Marie of Romania, nicknamed Mignon, daughter of Queen Marie (nee Princess Marie of Edinburgh) and King Ferdinand. Marie later married King Alexander I of Yugoslavia(Serbia-Montenegro-Croacia).

King Michael of Romania (b. 25 Oct. 1921), 2nd son of King Carol II of Romania. Michael, son of Carol's 2nd wife Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark, was undeniably legitimate so he, and not his older brother Carol/Prince Mircea, was his father's heir. He reigned twice, once from 1927-1930 and again from 1940 until 1947 when he was forced to abdicate by the Reds.

king michael of romania - Son of King Carol & Princess Helena of Greece & Denmark

Queen Marie and Princess Elisabeth of Romania

Crown Princess Marie of Romania & her eldest daughter, Princess Elisabeth, 1907

King Michael and Queen Anne of Romania

In pictures: royals in exile

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