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an illustration of the lungs with flowers on it
Surreal Anatomical Collages by Bedelgeuse
surreal anatomical collages by travis bedel aka bedelgeuse (4)
an image of a human heart with a trumpet in it's mouth and the words michael
Gloriously weird remixed Victorian woodcuts
a drawing of a human heart with trees growing out of it and birds flying around
Extraordinary Observer, Tree of Life, and Mind Reader, by Emkel Dikia.
several knitted items are laid out on a white surface, including the human body and organs
‘Body Box’ – Internal Organs Knit by Caroline Gates - KnitHacker
a white heart shaped sculpture sitting on top of a table
A ghost heart?
Behold, the "ghost heart." Image: Courtesy of RMR Labs, Texas Heart Institute
an image of a human heart with blood vessels attached to it and the caption reads, blood vessels in the human heart
Exposing the Heart.Quiet Lunch
Exposing the Heart.
a drawing of a heart that is surrounded by lines
Map art by Emily available in her Keep Creating Etsy store
an image of a human body with many different types of animals on the chest and arms
Meet Your Body - Anatomy Fun Facts & Cute Organs by I Heart Guts
meet your organs...great site. Super cute and interesting!
an image of the inside of a heart
an abstract painting with white and brown colors
Another favorite from the Exquisite Uterus Project. 'Exquisite,' created by artist Susan Messer of Whitewater, WI.
a drawing of an elephant's head with the words venus envy on it
Check out this entire board of the Exquisite Uterus Project. This one: 'Venus Envy' by Julie D'Angelo of Burbank, CA. She says "The elephant symbolizes the 'GOP' -a group who is obsessed with women's reproductive power and how to limit it…but they don't even realize that the elephants are a matriarchal society."
a wooden cutout of a man and a skeleton
Human puzzle
an image of the lungs with birds in it
The Porcelain Sculptures of Kate MacDowell — Colossal
The extraordinary porcelain sculptures of Kate McDowell. Love this for so many reasons.
a heart shaped piece of fabric on a white surface
Janice Gordon - Matters of the Heart
a person wearing a white shirt with brown writing on the chest and two crossed knitting needles sticking out of it
Knit for Brains SMALL Original Design Knitting Tee Shirt | Etsy
knit for brains
a skeleton sitting on top of a wooden chair next to a white wall and floor
Think in Bright Colors
an old drawing of a human heart
Anatomical heart drawing
a drawing of the human heart with words on it that say cupid and music notes
tyrone dalby
three different views of a human skeleton with multiple sections in the same image, each showing an individual's body
Extra-Large LEGO Men Dissections by Jason Freeny
LEGO Men Dissections
a skeleton is dancing with its eyes closed and it's head turned to the side
mmm bones
an image of the inside of a human ear with all its parts labeled in it
FIG. 907 - Collection at
ear (someone must know this is on my list...)
a woman's ear is shown from the side
a black and white photo of a person's ear
a painting of a naked man with red branches on his chest and arms around him
Martyrium, ( san Sebastiano) 2011 olio su tela di lino, cm 40 x 36
Martyrium, ( san Sebastiano) 2011 olio su tela di lino, cm 40 x 36
an illustration of the human heart and its major vessels
Press Releases
Illustration of the heart muscle
the anatomy of a pinata anatomy on a black background with an image of a horse
Piñata Anatomy - Carmichael Collective