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Waffen-SS in action with a PAK 40.

See Waffen-SS in action. Later, a kg tungsten-cored round was developed with a muzzle velocity of 933 m/s metres which could punch through 115 mm of steel at 457 m, allowing it to take on virtually every Allied tank in production.

Handsome German soldier, WWII

German soldier Did Hugo Boss dress all the German military or just the officers and SS?

Infanterie Russe riposter aux Allemands ....

signalman alexander ilchenko of the guards rifle regiment, guards rifle division uses the field telephone during street fighting in the voronezh area. ilchenko was reported killed in action in

Red Army trenches, Crimean Campaign, 1941. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

Red Army trenches, Crimean Campaign, Pin by Paolo Marzioli