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I Love this!!

Being a mother…I love this! I was not blessed with children of my own, but I do have two fur babies, whom I treat as my children and love with all my heart.and they love me back. I'm already a mother

''Some people will never understand how much I love my dog, but that's ok. MY DOG KNOWS!

The sad thing is.I don't think I show even a millionth of what my dog shows me. And I love her to the Moon and back. She knows I love her but even I don't know how to show it describe how much! But she does know she's well lived.

Forever & ever.

I will carry you in my heart and mind all the days of my life until one day, I too will cross over to Rainbow Bridge and gleefully join you there, our youth and vigor restored, never ever to part for all eternity~

Yes! Absolutely! Love that feeling every day I come home from work!

Home I Where Someone Runs To Greet You (Cute sign for the door.but I only have a cat right now, so I'd have to make one that says "home is where someone might get up and greet you.

Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything. <3

Here is a quote about dogs and life. Every Once in a While a Dog Enters your Life and Changes Everything. Have you ever had a dog that changed your life?

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