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Methods for Spells TO BIND- wrap in black thread, drip wax over, or seal in a jar and hide it in the dark. TO BANISH- burn an effect to ash and sweep off the back door step, cast it out a window, or bury in the ground and spit on it TO ENCOURAGE- plant it by the front door/steps, bury by a window, or place it on a windowsill TO HIDE- place in a jar painted black, cover with cloth and bury, or wrap with a ribbon TO CLEANSE- bury it in a bow! of salt, burn herbs and pass through the smoke, or lay it in a moonwater bath TO GLAMOUR- leave under the full moon, hold its reflection over a mirror with herbs, or - iFunny
the simpsons is about to cut his birthday cake and say it's not over
I'm horny and it's your fault - iFunny
the tarot love work is shown in red, green and white with words on it
Answer Yes or No Using Tarot Meanings - Divinerism
a white card with the words tarot trick
a poster with numbers and their meanings
Repeating Numbers and their Meanings - The Minds Journal
the four modes of tarot is shown in red and white, with black text
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the instructions for how to read tarot cards
Free Angel Card reading
a notebook with writing on it that says 3 card speed ideas
queen of wands
an image of a rainbow colored tarot spread with numbers on it and the words solmate tarot spread below
Tarot Spread - Soulmate Reading — Emerald Lotus
a diagram with the words, what is the actual f u k? and an image of
For when shit is all fucked up: WTF Tarot Spread T/zeflzre ofmy challenge. TIM crux afw/mt bound: me - iFunny
four tarot cards with the words'the only tarot spread you need for crazy brain '
How To Use Tarot For Self-Care - Sarah M. Chappell
a black and white photo with the words tarot tip 66 written in front of it
Free Angel Card reading
the two card tarot ideas are shown in black and white, with text on it
2 Card Tarot Ideas