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a book cover with an image of a knight
James 4:7 So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. | New Living Translation (NLT) | Download The Bible App Now
an image of the angel with two children on it's back, in arabic
who am i by kokecit on DeviantArt
a cross with a heart on it and the words i always thought love was shaped like a but it's actually like a
I Always Thought Love Was Shaped Like a but It's Actually Like a | Love Meme on ME.ME
Religious Quotes, Wisdom Quotes, Prayer Quotes, Bible Verses Quotes, Quotes About God
The Bridge on Twitter
a man holding a sign that says, our society is careful not to defend anyone except god
Tuesday Images …
an image of the word god on top of a page with other words below it
Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries
an artistic painting with red and yellow colors
Why was the Veil in the Temple torn in two?
i'm a christian, i am not perfect - i make mistakes - i mess up but god's grace is bigger than my sins
gods messager on Twitter
a snowy road in the woods with a quote written on it
Motivation, Scripture Quotes, Inspirational Words, Quotable Quotes
an image with the words romans 8 11 on it and stars in the sky behind
Operation Gotham 2020, Lady Gaga Stupid Love, KISS, Hive System of Angel Transmutation
a cityscape with the words, god can turn around any situation romans 8 28
Are you a Christian? Fill in the blank, pray for another, be a blessing today
the words basic instructions before leaving earth are shown in black and green letters on a black background
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