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Arad Romania

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Fortress of Arad - Cetatea Aradului Star Fort, Fortification, Ottoman Empire, Star Shape, Hungary, Romania, 18th Century, City Photo, History

Fortress of Arad - Cetatea Aradului

The Fortress of Arad (Cetatea Aradului) is a solid fortification system which was built in the 18th century. It is one of Europe's most complex and fascinating fortresses. The fortress has served many different roles. At one point it was a military prison that held one of the most notorious murders in human history.

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Arad Culture Palace - Palatul Cultural Arad

The Arad Culture Palace (Palatul Cultural) is an early 20th century building in Arad, Romania which encompass different architectural styles. The palace contains a museum complex, an art gallery, and a grand concert hall where Arad's Philharmonics puts on exquisite performances.

The Szantay Palace is known as one of Ludovic Szántay's most famous designs. It is the building that was named after him and the one which he made his home. Famous Architects, Commercial Architecture, Romania, Art Nouveau, Buildings, Beauty, Design, Famous Buildings

Szantay Palace Arad - Palatul Szántay Arad

The Szantay Palace (Palatul Szántay) is a three-story early 20th century secession style architectural palace located in the city of Arad, Romania. The palace was designed by one of Romania's most prominent and famous architects, Ludovic Szántay. The magnificent structure contains a unique and fascinating design.

The Bohus Palace in Arad Romania is a historical architectural brilliant masterpiece. The building is found on Romania's historical monuments list and stands at 4 stories high. 4 Story, Historical Monuments, Neoclassical, Romania, Palace, Spaces, Building, Travel, Art

Bohus Palace Arad - Palatul Bohuș Arad

The Bohus Palace (Palatul Bohuș) is a four-story, early 20th century neoclassical style architectural palace located in Arad, Romania. The palace has been the home of some of Romania's most prominent artists. In current day the palace still provides an element of awe and inspiration for all who visit it.

Cenad Palace is a spectacular architectural phenom located in the center of the city of Arad, in Romania Future Travel, Eastern Europe, Homeland, Paris Skyline, 19th Century, Palace, Street View, Exterior, City

Cenad Palace Arad - Palatul Cenad Arad

The Cenad Palace (Palatul Cenad) is a three-story, 19th century, eclectic, neo-classical, architectural style palace located in the city of Arad, Romania. The beautiful palace plays a significant role in Arad's history and development. The building is a breathtaking view to behold and a must see for visitors of Arad.

Neumann Palace which was built by the Aristocratic Neumann family of Arad Big Building, Romania, 19th Century, Palace, Louvre, Architecture, City, Travel, Arquitetura

Neumann Palace Arad - Palatul Neumann Arad

The Neumann Palace (Palatul Neumann) is a two-story, 19th century, eclectic architectural style palace that’s located in the city center of Arad, Romania. It is one of the biggest buildings in Arad and contains many different businesses open for visitation to the public. The palace has a captivating history.

The Marvelous and stunning Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre in Arad Romania Theatres, Neoclassical, Concert Hall, Romania, Opera House, Houses, Mansions, House Styles, Homes

Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre Arad - Teatrul Clasic Ioan Slavici Arad

The Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre (Teatrul Clasic Ioan Slavici) is a three story, nineteenth century, neoclassical theatre located in the city of Arad. It is one of Romania's most innovative theaters and provides entertainment suitable for all categories and tastes. Find out everything you need to know about it here.

The Stunning Administrative Palace of Arad Romania, 19th Century, Palace, Architecture, City, Building, Travel, Beauty, Arquitetura

Administrative Palace Arad - Palatul Administrativ Arad

The Administrative Palace of Arad (Palatul Administrativ din Arad) is a 19th century architectural marvel located in the city of Arad. The building contains numerous and fascinating intrigues. The palace has a fascinating history and currently serves as the city's administrative building (City Hall).