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I don't know how many times I pin it, but this Kyungsoo gif is too squishy you know

EXO Reaction to their normally mature girlfriend being cute and cuddly This is a cute request, thanks for sending it in :) Xiumin You creeped up behind Xiumin, flour in the palm of your hand.

<3 Kris this just broke my heart.

Ok seriously the feels in this gif is unbearable! I miss you so much Kris and soon to be Luhan :'( EXO forever. <<< I'm so sad that Kris, Luhan and Tao left.

Kris  loooove you

It's so cute how Kris loves kids. He is just staring at that little boy with the sweetest stare in the world. He will make an amazing father one day.

Lol yes so true

I remember when I thought remembering all 9 of Girls Generation was hard. then before you know it I was identifying each and every one of my Unnies!