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a painting of a bird sitting on top of a dandelion
Drawing and Painting for My Holiday Art Show
Goldfinch ©2011 Lori McNee 12x6 mixed media drawing on board
a close up of a cat with green eyes
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Meow by Dorothy Qu
a watercolor painting of a tree with multi - colored leaves
Autumn Bloom Tree – Watercolour Experiment
Love this. Want to try again each year for fall as it can be adapted for various ages. It ALMOST interested my anti-painting 3 year-old this year and he at least would glue a construction paper trunk on, spray the paper and hit the brushes for me. Maybe next year....
watercolor painting of yellow flowers in a glass vase on a white background with black accents
blondelasagna - Etsy
a pencil drawing of an eye with long lashes
Usuario: roles de canela
an eye with green and yellow colors
one of my students personally requested a watercolor lesson to paint eyes with drippy parts all over it... so I will be saving this on here for that ;)
a drawing of a white flower with yellow center
Step-by-step watercolor tutorial on using the wet-in-wet watercolor-pencil technique, step 1-2.
three yellow flowers painted on white paper with black and green paint splattered over them
Irina Rumyantseva
Yellow Poppies
a painting of a collie dog on a white background
Sheltie by Debra Jones
Watercolor - "Sheltie" by Debra Jones
an intricate design on the side of a building
Believe it or not--a watercolor by Paul Jackson. A master of light and brilliant watercolors.
Watercolor Tie Dye, Fashion News, Wearable Art, Tie Dye Skirt, Nice Dresses, Art Practice, Dye
the regent review
four different views of buildings and trees in the distance, with one building on top
Maja Wronska
Maja Wronska
a painting of a bridge with a clock tower in the background and fog on the water
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london - fog II by Thomas W. Schaller Watercolor ~ 21 inches x 11 inches
a painting of a drink on a table
nibybiel's DeviantArt gallery
iced tea - water color