Sebastian Eduardo Ribera Alfaro

Sebastian Eduardo Ribera Alfaro

Sebastian Eduardo Ribera Alfaro
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Bubble for pokéball: [link] Pokemon Lugia Render: [link] Water efect: [link] Hope you like Lugia, Pokeball

The Pokeball that holds the Universe on its Core. *What would you do you found this Pokeball in the middle of the forest? Credits: ~collinwr for the Light ~Jonas-Daehnert for the Pokeb.

Dark Matter Pokéball by *Marzarret - I'm not going to lie, I sometimes wish Pokémon were real ♡

Absol Pokeball by Jonathanjo

Shop Mega Lucario - Pokemon X & Y © Nintendo OMG Lucario is my favorite pokemon and I very wanted to make this pokeball ! Mega Lucario in a Pokeball

It's new Mew form announced by Nintendo I've called him Mewthree cause he is . Mewtwo Y into the Pokeball

Shop Ninetales - Pokemon © Nintendo Some peoples asked me to make a Ninetales pokeball, that's done. Here, the orange and the red are th.