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Slovenes in national dress with a flag. Man and woman in traditional costume. Travel to Slovenia. People. Vector flat illustration.

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Also in "The Graveyard Book."
David Raft … had cold hands. Hands so cold they felt as if carved from marble or stone. His skin so taunt and grey, stretched over his knuckles like stretched leather, mimicked a corpses tone. And even still, his hands were the most graceful thing to exists with nimble fingers and slender palms. His hands were an artists hands. Hands that were cursed with poor circulation.


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Enchanted Backlight by Johan Karlsson


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Nonsensical words drifted from across the swampy marsh.
OddFuttos, When The Photos Speak: Surrealist Art, Paintings That Your Brain Will Not Easily Understand Them
Fairy Tale Fashion

Rusalka Week

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Linen sarafan ''White Flowers''
Organza Off The Shoulder Dress by Marchesa Fall Winter 2018

Rusalka Dress

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Klemens Murańka (Polish ski jumper, a member of the national team) with his wife. Polish Highlanders, Highland wedding, Tatra Mountains, Poland.
Poland: handpainted weddng dress from the region of Podhale
Підбірка вишиванок українських брендів 1/1

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a woman sitting on the ground with long hair in different positions and poses, including her hands behind her head
Bev Johnson
a drawing of a woman laying on the ground with her legs spread out and green paint all over her body
Water nymph by Lavera Grace
Bride, Portrait, Poses, Beautiful, Model, Hochzeit, Bodas, Photo, Giyim
a woman in a wedding dress smelling a flower
Waiting Bride ⚘
a painting of a woman laying in the grass with her head down and eyes closed
three women are dancing in the water at night
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© black rabbit dolls
© black rabbit dolls
a naked woman sitting on top of a tree stump in the middle of a forest
Boredom by baklaher on DeviantArt
a painting of a woman with flowers in her hair sitting in the water holding a fish
Topielica, Monika Wróblewska