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Read Livin' in a Sugg's life: ❁Sugg Sleepover❁ from the story ❁J O E S U G G❁ by (sᴜɢɢ) with reads.

Haha my family asked why are there only four guys bc their name is 5 seconds of summer lol

people are always like why aren't they called 4 seconds of summer bc there are only four of them.

I can't stand it when people say the underwear song or 5esohes but if you love 5sauce and she looks so perfect is your favorite song then I will respect you

i lost it at the "underwear song" xD It annoys me when people are like "Oh yeah, isn't Michael Clifford the guy that plays the drums in that band?

YA'LL! I just started Tumblr...my username is woodenhippie. Be my friend! (Or however it works...I'm still figuring it out)

I really care about us because at the end of the day we are all family and no family gets along perfectly unless your a robot lol I love you all