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Dover Vintage Night Table by Portobello Street; This can be customized to the size you need, and your choice of color or finish.

Space Saver

Couch with a built-in, pull-out coffee table. If we can design and combine this with a built-in couch and other storage, we can have a pretty awesome living room with play, tv, and game space.

Ingénieux système de tiroirs réalisé dans un escalier #bricolage #rangement #deco #decoration #maison #houses #interiors #DIY

21 Ingenious Ways to Hide The Mess And The Eyesores In Your Home

This is a fabulous storage solution for your shoes. Instead of letting your shoes clutter up your entrance way or take up valuable closet space try this out. Transform some stair steps into a shoe drawer.


integrated knife/cutting board perfect for taller people. Love that it doesn't use up counter space when closed.

awesome Rangement cuisine : les 40 meubles de cuisine pleins d'astuces by http://www.tophome-decorationsideas.space/kitchen-furniture/rangement-cuisine-les-40-meubles-de-cuisine-pleins-dastuces/

something like this for the built-in dining room sideboard, only in craftsman style-more interested in the drawer/plate racks combo.

Space saving shelves - what a cool idea, especially for short people like myself :)

StairCASE: Ladder & Shelving Unit by Danny Kuo

pull-out shelves that you can step on to reach the top! Garage shelving idea: the lower shelves actually glide out so you can step to reach top shelved items. Then they slide back to the wall. This would be so easy to DIY!

Secret Bookshelf Doors

As a bibliophile I truly appreciate this idea, BUT, my secret room would not be more bookcases.just sayin. "A bookcase that leads to a hidden room with.wait for it.more bookcases!

oh my gosh, that's amazing!! bookshelves under the bed and OVER the bed?! genius!!

Book shelves and beds

small-spaces-bed-nook - Got a huge movie, music or book collection, but just one small room in which to fit it all? Take a cue from Johan, who fit a massive CD storage drawer underneath bed/lounge combo as well as lots of shelf space overhead. Spaces like