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how to pick ripe melons using four of your five sense
How To Pick Ripe Melons Using Four Of Your Five Senses
How to pick ripe melons in the store at the farmers market stand using four of your five senses, so you can enjoy your fifth sense, your sense of taste {on Household Management 101}
an open drawer filled with canned food and labeled how long do spice's last?
How Long Do Spices Last? When You Should Declutter Them
Pratical advice for how long do spices last when taking on this decluttering project in your kitchen {on Home Storage Solutions 101}
two jars filled with white powder sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
How to Store Flour the Right Way to Avoid Flour Bugs
How to Store Flour the Right Way
slices of watermelon are arranged on a yellow surface
How to Store Watermelon So It Stays Juicy and Fresh
a wooden spoon filled with sea salt on top of a pink background
Over-Salted Your Food? Don't Worry, It Can Easily Be Fixed With These Hacks
How to Fix Salty Food: Remedies to Reduce the Saltiness in a Dish – SheKnows
two plates of food on a table next to a bag of chips and a packet of potato chips
A Guide to Trader Joe’s Many Varieties of Ravioli
Trader Joe's Ravioli Guide: Which Kind of Pasta Is the Best? - Thrillist
someone cutting aluminum foil on top of a table with the words parchment paper wax paper or aluminum foil? the ultimate cooking guide
Choosing Between Parchment Paper, Wax Paper, or Aluminum Foil
Parchment Paper, Wax Paper, or Aluminum Foil? The Ultimate Cooking Guide | Real Simple
a piece of cheese sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Here’s What You Need to Know When Buying Feta at the Grocery Store
What You Need to Know When Buying Feta at the Grocery Store | Kitchn
The Best Avocado Hack
watermelon slices on a plate with the words pick a good watermelon 5 simple tips
How To Pick A Good Watermelon With These 5 Tips
How To Pick A Good Watermelon With These 5 Tips
a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel stove top oven in the center, surrounded by potted plants
6 Easy Ways To Deal With Stinky Cooking Smells
Number 5 might be new to you!
how to cut a watermelon
How to Cut a Watermelon
How to Cut a Watermelon! Not sure where to start with these giant red giants? We're showing you our favorite ways to cut a watermelon - cubes, stars, sticks, and more! #watermelon #howtoguide #fruit
peeled onions and garlic on a wooden plate
The Case for Peeling Garlic Before You Roast It
I love the drama of serving a whole head of roasted garlic. It’s a little parcel of flavor that never fails to impress, but extracting the cloves can be a little messy (even with a pickle fork), and (unless you use an air fryer) roasting it to that soft and spreadable stage takes at least 50 minutes.
there is a man standing in the middle of garlic bulbs with his head stuck inside
13 Better Ways to Cook With Garlic
Garlic is a ubiquitous, ever-present ingredient in most kitchens, and for many good reasons. Depending on how you treat it, it can bring heat, pungency, sweetness, and/or umami to your delicious dishes. While always adding more garlic is one of the ultimate cooking hacks, over the years we’ve explored a ton of other ways to put this flavor bomb to good use. Here are a few of our favorite ways to prep, peel, and devour everyone’s favorite allium.
strawberries in a glass bowl with the title how to keep strawberries fresh for longer
Kitchen Hack: How to Keep Strawberries Fresh - Making Lemonade
Easy kitchen hack for keeping strawberries fresh for longer! A must-have trick for summer!