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and chat noir likes marinette and not ladybug | Tumblr

“ “ “And my name…is Marinette,” she admitted, finally, wonderfully, as Chat’s lips crashed into her own. Smoulder-Chapter 24 ” Happy belated birthday I love Smoulder and I wanted to draw my favorite moment in.

Self harm cuts

I put this up to show others that this shouldn't be the thing you turn to when you're having a hard time. please talk to anyone or do the self harm alternatives in the other pins.

Self harm on Make A Gif

Im never leaving my bathroom probably now Josh thinks it's his time to be dead I've already lost Bailey I can't lose anyone else I think life hates me.

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In the view of the psychiatrist who once supervised all of the mental health care for the detention centers, the immigration minister showed a fundamental lack of understanding as to why people take part in self-harming behavior.