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Georges Jeanclos (Georges Jeankelowitsch).-

Grande Barque, 1991 by Georges Jeanclos presented by Frank Lloyd Gallery

Epehmera: Ceramic sculpture by Mark Messenger whose work is an expression of his personal mythology. His work encompasses a blend of drawing, painting, modeling, & pottery techniques. It is through these mediums that he explores social, political, & psychological the form of narratives. His clay characters interact with objects whose origins are found in history, mythology, religion, contemporary life, media, & art.

"Ephemera" by Mark Messenger (ceramics) / Crocker Museum of Art Permanent Collection - Sacramento, California - hand art

"Vanessa Quintana The idea behind this is the shedding of skin to reveal the raw, natural state that lies within the boundaries and expectations of the traditional vase form." Love this.

Andrew DeWitt | Black Fringe Luminary, 2011 porcelain

Andrew Dewitt - Black Fringed Porcelain Luminary from high-fired translucent porcelain with gloss and satin glazes

Pauline Lee, Paperclay textured and pierced. Applications of stains and oxides and fired to 2200 degrees C

"Pearl" figure sculpture by Pauline Lee. Paperclay textured and pierced female torso. Applications of stains and oxides and fired to 2200 degrees C.