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Cómo hacer mermelada de albaricoque con 1 kg de fruta

Cómo hacer mermelada de albaricoque con 1 kg de fruta

Bee stinger, SEM

Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the end of the abdomen of a small tropical bee, showing the barbed stinger (needle-like).

Honey Bee's tongue or proboscis, unfolds like a blow horn toy. It is soft and splays at the end, allowing the bee to suck-up any nectar or water.

Pinner: Honey Bee Tongue Called a proboscis, the bees tongue unfolds like a New Year's blow horn toy. It's soft and will splay at the end allowing the bee to suck up any nectar or water.

source: unknown

Honeycomb: fused hexagons, the most space efficient shape requiring the least amount of wax. Little reliquaries created by humming mathematicians knowing the exact degree needed, repeatedly.

honeycomb ~ We could have our own bee hives. An endless supply of honey from our own area.

honeycomb ~ Man is killing off the bees with their pesticides. But God will "bring to ruin those ruining the earth". Revelation and establish a paradise under the reign of Christ Jesus.