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11 Different Ways to Bring the Scent of Autumn Into Your Home- Fall is officially here!

Want to fill your home with the scent of autumn? This post describes 11 ways to get refreshing autumn smells into your home. When you live w/ 3 kids and 2 cats, one is always finding new ways to make the house smell nice.

NY Times Mag -Education Issue Stickers - Dan Cassaro

I was unspeakably pumped to have the chance to design some “stickers” for the New York Times Magazine this past week. The stickers appeared throughout the magazine as well as in the TOC as a key for.

bedroom ideas

Japanese bedrooms are characterized by minimalism and simplicity. Here are 10 Japanese-inspired bedrooms to inspire you in creating your own Zen bedroom.

bedroom ideas

Looking for ideas for decorating your bedroom? Bedroom design is an important part to make you home a warm and cozy space where you could relax and enjoy your sweet love. Pattern, texture, color as well as furniture are all… Continue Reading →