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a poster with an image of a man in front of a boat and the caption that says,
Áh hát arra én is kiváncsi lennék
an ambulance is parked in front of a police car with the caption'ha rossul erem magma '
an image of a horse and a cow with words in the language, which are also english
Hogyan lehet...
the text is written in different languages
a group of children sitting at a table in front of a white board with words written on it
an orange and white sign with words in english
a screen with an emoticive message on it's face and caption
the words are written in different languages
the words are in different languages on a green background with black and white lettering,
a green screen with the words written in black on it, and an image of a person's face
a man and woman are riding a bike with two speech bubbles above them that say,