Copper Orange Hair: I love that a red head has enhanced her color and then added copper and blondish tones to soften the look so it works with her skin tone. A gorgeous way for a redhead to take the fire down.


Beautiful multidimensional Red Head with Long Layers , Blown dry with Round brush and Clipless Iron used for soft curl.

Red hair

her hair! would never pull this off with my skin and eye color. The eye makeup. Even though I don't like bangs I would if my hair was like this.

Red hair

Aja Warren, Actor: K Great Thanks. Aja Warren is an actor and producer, known for K Great Thanks, Revolution and Love and Laundry

Celebrities with red hair

Celebrities with red hair: Flame haired beauties

Christina Hendricks' beautiful mid-length red hair set against a sculpted, emerald green top. It's a cliche for redheads to wear green but in this instance the contrast is striking.

Tattoos + red hair

[AnnaLee Suicide] She's beautiful, red-headed and has killer ink work. Some women have it all!

Red hair

Here are 21 of our favorite redhead men's hairstyles. You're looking for your next ginger hairstyle, look no further.

Red hair.

Johanna Fosselius & Luisa Bianchin by Ola Rindal (Modern Enlightenment - SZ Spring