Red Curls

Red Curls

When in Neverland, turn first right.... the second cloud on the left / Stick with me kid and we'll go places.
Red Curls
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Wine Cork Crafts and DIY Decorating Projects

I LOVE trays--use them all over the house; could make one with this idea, maybe use an old picture frame--another pinner hangs her trays on the wall when not in use-- wine cork table top from crafts for all seasons

All you need in your bedroom is a bed

Located in the Seongbuk-dong district in the northern part of Seoul, the site for this building was in a high-end residential area dotted with old Korean architecture, castle walls, and historical landmarks.

My OCD is very satisfied by this bedroom... I can breathe

You can discover here as simply painted in other than white colors ceilings decorated wood boards, moldings and so on. Checkout Some these amazing bedroom ceiling design ideas for your inspiration.

Love it

I desperately want a bedroom with an exposed brick wall. It reminds me of the bedroom (or, actually, the whole interior) of my first apartment. Those walls were white-washed but I love natural coloured bricks.

Emerald City :)

Martha Stewart's Jadeite Collection will make you green with envy. I used to be able to find jadeite at a very reasonable price, and collected it for years. Stewart made it popular!

Perfect silence and lunch for two and yet  nothing is boring

Whistler Residence by Battersby Howat Architects Whistler Residence by Battersby Howat Architects – HomeDSGN, a daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on interior design and home decoration.

This is how a mum's kitchen should look like :D

Add shelves below the practical. And love the flour/sugar bins! I especially love the spice organization. They're easy to read. - Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects