Red Shadow
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"Emos" "Geeks" "Nerds" "Supportive BFFs" "Mysterious Hotties" "Stoners" "Teacher's Pet" "Rapper" "Weird Kids" "Artsy" "Cheats but never gets caught" "Smokes in the backyard" "Ice Queen" SCORPIO

The Punisher

The Punisher- justifiable justice? One side solid and shining, gradient darker into sharp and dripping side. Justice he serves to the blood he sheds

jinx - League Of Legends

Jinx - League of Legends Fan Art. League of Pictures is a website where you can find League of Legends fan art, cosplay and more!

League of Legends

A new League of Legends champion has been sighted in the tall grasses of Summoner’s Rift. Rengar, the Pridestalker, is on the prowl to make your life a living hell.