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someone is writing on a notebook with a pen in their left hand and the words i love you are written across the page
Atâta timp cât inima ta este mulțumită
a flower with the words tacera written in spanish on it and an image of flowers
Cel mai bun profesor este greșeala
a road with trees and mountains in the background that says dezamaglilie te schimba
Dezamăgirile te schimbă
a person standing on a dock with the words'once you are here, there is no place to go '
a field with the sun setting in the background and a quote written on it that says,
Persoanele din viața ta
a man walking down a road with a cane in his hand and the words on it
a white background with the words mi - e dor sa pot sa nu - mi mai fi dor de time
Proverbele despre viață | Izvor de inspirație - Blog
a woman in a hat with a quote on it
a person standing in a field with their arms spread out and the words above them
an eye looking through a hole in the wall with words below it that read, daca as puea sa na infotori
the poem is written in spanish and english
Ganduri, Citate și poezii''in ramă'' - cerșetor de clipe
the words in spanish are written on a dark background with an image of a statue
Întâmplări în viață
a woman sitting on top of a wooden pier next to the water with her back turned
Nu plânge că s-a terminat, zâmbeşte că s-a întâmplat! - Mesaje dragoste
a palm tree sitting next to the ocean under a cloudy sky with words written in spanish
robert downey quote about acting
Robert Downey Jr. - 13 Citate Despre Optimism Și Răbdare | Leo Burtisan
a train track in the middle of a grassy field with a quote from albert einstein
Citate celebre despre viață | Cele mai frumoase citate și statusuri despre viață
the words are written in white on a black background
Viata in Cuvinte si Poze