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an open book with the title quimpia's new law school applications
‘Quinnipiac: The Lahey Years’
a brochure with images of people and numbers
Overall Design: I really like how the table of contents shows a variety of different pictures thought the year and incorporates everyone. It shows diversity
an orange brochure with the words growth on it and numbers in each section
Company Growth Infographic
an open book with a green circle on the cover and numbers in black are shown
Knight Frank
David Marsh - Graphic Designer | Knight Frank
an open book with red pages and white circles on the front cover, sitting on a gray surface
Issue 01
the front page of a magazine with an image of a woman in business attire on it
Human Resources Director 14.06
an open book with watercolor buildings on the cover and yellow trim around the pages
Book Cover Designer - Book Formatter - Book Illustrator
Creative book cover design #book_cover #creativity #creative_book_cover #creativity #book #cover
an open brochure showing information about the various types of medical devices and their uses
a selection of graphic projects
an open book with the number twenty on it
30 Awesome Annual Report Design Ideas | Jayce-o-Yesta
annual report design
an open book with green and black pages on it's cover, the title is in
Design: Trends, News, Inspiration & Tips
This style and technique is used to guide the eye around the page and use one Vital design rule "emphasis" I think it's interesting but it is also distracting and this isn't something I wasn't to happen within my clean sophisticated design but experimenting with this could produce innovative designs
an assortment of brochures are displayed on a pink background with different colors and shapes
Gam7 Book 01
the brochure is designed to look like magazines
Ilumno Rebrand
Ilumno is a Florida based network for higher education running 10 universities…
an open book with the words when the going gets tough, the tough get going
Master's Thesis Book Design
Master's Thesis Book Design on Behance
an open book with numbers and symbols on the pages, in different colors are shown
Labour Market Intelligence | Gridness | layout | infographics