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three jars with plants in them sitting on a table
The Basics of Closed Jar Terrariums
I've been creating closed jar Terrariums for about a year. It was something I wanted to learn and finally decided to give a try. Since then I have picked...
a bunch of different types of plants in pots
tevaplanter - visibly follow the journey from seed to plant
many different types of plants in vases on a table with wicker baskets around them
Inside a Terrarium, It’s Always Gardening Season (Published 2021)
This is how I keep Maidenhair Ferns alive and thriving, without high humidity or daily watering
Turning a Ordinary Jar Into a Paludarium | home garden ideas
a man holding a plant in a glass jar
The Best Terrarium Plants For Your Garden Under Glass
Sound on! How-to Terrarium Woodland Wonderland!