razvan margarit

razvan margarit

razvan margarit
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A playful theme of abstract trees and mountains were designed for this frozen yogurt shop

Sensory is brought throughout this project of a Kindergarten designed by Sazlin Aida of Malaysia.

This quiet room at a children's play center has a with a library of books, where the children can sit and read by themselves, or with an adult. Tiered seating and various reading nooks create unique spaces for reading and storytelling.

NUBO, an exciting modern children's play centre in Australia, has a variety of different rooms, each with a unique look designed to evoke imagination.

「うなぎパイ」の春華堂が新ブランドをスタート。浜松市のスイーツ・テーマパーク「nicoe」|ローカルニュース!(最新コネタ新聞)静岡県 浜松市|「colocal コロカル」ローカルを学ぶ・暮らす・旅する

Feel like staying in a small forest, round elements shows everywhere, feel very safety and get involved.

Diagramming the Seattle Central Library, by OMA - I'm not sure who put together this analysis, but it deserves attention moreso than images of "funky spaces". OMA, to me, does a great deal of thinking about the programming of their projects - and this, more than the aesthetics, is what should be understood.

Diagramming the Seattle Central Library, by OMA - the diagram is successful because it shows the process of programming. It is clear how the space was grouped, stacked, and shifted into the program model.