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Like the graphic simplicity and how it could serve well as a symbol - tom

Mountain tattoo concept - would be so cool for a sleeve. some specific object into trees into mountains into the sky (back tattoo)

Hulinhjálmur (helm of disguise), an Icelandic magical sign that gives the power to become invisible. http://offorestfires.tumblr.com/post/100335450127/katarina-von-abyss-hulinhjalmur-helm-of

Icelandic Magical Staves Hulinhjalmur Hulinhjalmur (“Helm Of Disguise”) is a visual magic sigil that allows the user to appear invisible. The complex task of creating the ink to make this sigil is done by collecting three drops of blood from the.


I'm a big fan of Hellboy. I drew this as a tattoo I wanted to get back it I eventually had it done on my right arm before the first movie cam.