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What's your best non-swearing insult?

What's your best non-swearing insult? More I'm genuinely offended by number Hufflepuffs are amazing. Don't you dare insult them.

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Meet Sir Stuffington, The Cutest Pirate In The World (I'm not a huge cat person but this story is adorable! I'm glad he has a humorous forever home! Pirate on Sir Stuffington, pirate on!

Goodbye Gravity Falls.  You have been with me through everything. WHY DID IT HAVE TO END??? WHYYYYY

Gravity Falls goodbye note to Dipper. WHY DID IT END<Because Alex Hirsch wanted it to be a summer story, a beginning, a middle, and an end.

|| Humanos... Trátalos bien, parecerás un/a idiota. Trátalos mal, parecerás una perra (puta). Trátalos de una forma normal, encontrarán algo más que decir. | Traducción ES: @sukigamer88 ||

I don't even watch Tokyo Ghoul, and I love this. ~I love Tokyo Ghoul ❤️ Love this quote as well { Freshour}

So trying this(:

Make a water balloon to end all water balloons. Oh, you thought you were having a water balloon fight kiddies? It's not a real water balloon fight without this monstrosity.