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The Best Personal Assistant Apps to Help Organize your Work Day

A little-known feature on Apple's smartphones tracks and records users' whereabouts.

Brand for your Online Business

The 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) survey reported a startlingly low entrepreneurial activity in the face of high unemployment rate.

Name for your Daycare Center

Much time is spent discussing the potentially damaging things adults say to each other, but are we focusing enough on things children hear that are harmful to everyone? The patriarchy is bad for both women and men — that much is made abundantly clear…

Essential Customer Service Skills for Every Business

There are a few customer service skills and abilities that every company and business requires so they can offer their customers excellent and unparalleled

Creatively name your financial business

Creatively name your financial business

Best email Campaigns to Attract Customers

The internet can be a dangerous place, however with these tips and the right cyber liability insurance, your business can be protected.